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In his latest episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast with reality TV star Richard Rawlings, the two discussed Rogan’s move from Los Angeles to Texas among other things. Consequently, Rawlings inquired if Rogan had bought a ranch yet. Rogan responded in the negative but stated that he does have plans for a ranch in the nearest future.

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The podcast maestro used the opportunity to discuss his plans regarding the ranch with the Texas native. His plans are more fleshed out than you’d think.

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Far more than just a regular ranch, Rogan wants a massive place that can house everyone he cares about when the time comes, and he’s considered every possibility.

What Are Joe Rogan’s Plans?

Rogan has admitted to having a crazy plan for his purported ranch. “I’ve got a crazy plan,” he said during the episode. “The plan is to have a completely self-sufficient place like a hunting ranch,” before adding that he’ll be getting “everything” and the “whole deal” including water, wind turbines, animals, vegetables, and more.

Joe Rogan has included friends in his plans too. He states that he’ll make room for friends for when “sht hits the fan,” comparing it to his time in LA. “When sht hit the fan in LA, it opened my eyes… I realized that we got really lucky… but there was a real concern that it would get so bad that the supply chain would fall apart, and I would have to feed my friends… I should probably have a place where all the people that I love can exist and survive.”

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Logan’s plan is plausible, given that there may be circumstances that would warrant him to require a place to feed and shelter his friends and family. Rogan also spoke about upgrading his studio set earlier in the podcast. He said the current set is only there because they had five weeks and a deadline to hit. You may therefore expect to see a brand new studio before a doomsday ranch at the very least.

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