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Albert12798 may have come out from nowhere, but the account has everyone scratching their heads. Albert’s account has amassed over 341,100 followers since its creation in September this year.

The account has been regarded as one of the fastest-growing accounts of 2020. The mystery account has ratioed celebrities such as Jake Paul, and Sommer Ray. But how did this all happen? Who is the social media troll behind this explosive account?

What Is A Ratio On Twitter

For those who are not too familiar with what a Twitter ratio is, we’ll find out just about now. A Twitter ratio is a comment that undermines the main post. Simply put, when you make a post on Twitter and the comment beneath the post has more engagements than the main post, the comment has ratioed the original post. It’s kind of a troll. It’s often done as a way to show up or embarrass the initial tweet. If someone posts a controversial opinion, others might simply reply with “ratioed to rally the masses behind them and assert their dominance.

that’s easy

— albert (@albert12798) December 22, 2020

Example of a ratio

Who Is Behind Albert12798

It’s kinda hard to say who owns this account. Whether it’s a he or she, the individual has kept their data under wraps. There’s basically no information regarding their identity on the platform.

There’s no profile picture, no banner, no real media of any kind outside of your typical memes. Moreover, there’s nothing in the way of a full name, location, or background.

To be precise, the account remains a complete mystery and an intentional one at that. Albert follows everyone from 100 Thieves viral content creators The Mob, along with Fortnite pros and musicians. The account has not followed other handles that could be linked to its identity, a move that is one too clever!

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The account has gained over 100,000 followers in the past week alone, with December being by far the fastest-growing month.

While Albert is yet active on Twitch, there are already 4,300 individuals anticipating his debut on the video streaming app. He has a different alias on the platform, ending with ‘1270’ instead of the numbers used to end his name on Twitter. Maybe we will be seeing much of the mystery account on Twitch in the nearest future.

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