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To most people, the name CyberPunk 2077 brings with it a lot of disappointment. This is not however the case with streaming legend Shroud. With the game coming off the heels of so much anticipation, fans were very much disappointed with the actual release after a series of blockbuster trailer bits, and the inclusion of Keanu Reeves.

1c26ca90328416ef19c1438fa529a42c-shroud-cyberpunk-2077-side-quests-v-cd-projekt-3573607 Shorud playing Cyberpunk 2077

Streaming legend Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek has come forward to point out a key feature gamers can use to get over their disappointment, haven received the game and started on the wrong foot.

What Feature Is Shroud Referring To?

While others have enjoyed the game, stating that it hit the heights they’d expected, others have disagreed. PS4 and XBOX 1 players particularly complain about their exclusion from the fun. The players have been left disappointed by the poor graphics display as well as invasive bugs that have marred their gaming experience so far.

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The issue was so dire it forced CD Projekt to refund the player’s monies while Sony brought down the game from PS4 stands for the time being.

PC gamers have had a different experience altogether. Shroud who has been enjoying the game on his computer had some very nice words to say. In a YouTube upload on Dec. 24th, he pinpointed a particular aspect of the game that most caught his undivided attention.

The gaming legend is particularly ecstatic about the side missions available in the game as he encouraged other players to give them a try as well.

“These side missions are kinda fun,” he said. “I don’t really do them [but] there’s so many of them. Side quests in this game – that’s the reason you play this game. After playing it a second time I now understand. F**k the main [missions]. You just get to the open-world part of the game and then you just do sides all day.”

His positive comments are also in sync with other notable gamers who have dropped their feedbacks too. PewDiePie and JackSepticEye were all for the game and labeled the hate by disappointed gamers as “unnecessary and unwarranted”.

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