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This year has undoubtedly been a tough one. While most of us have the opportunity to take a break from life’s stress, some people have to spend their time working to put food on the table.

This was the case for a delivery driver who met with Santa in the form of a famous streamer. Fairlight, a streamer on Twitch has continued the good run of humanitarian leadership exhibited by social media personalities in recent times.

The Streamer’s Christmas Gift

Fairlight, a Twitch streamer who streams variety on the platform continued his 6-year old tradition. The streamer gave out cheques with $4000 in total to a Chinese delivery driver, aiming to put smiles on her face.

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Indeed, the gift was received with so much warmth by the recipient. She remained dumbfounded as she couldn’t hold back tears of joy.

Thinking it was a joke, the streamer promptly assured her of the legitimacy of the presents she just received. Fairlight extended a great hand of fellowship by giving her a series of cheques. All that is needed is for her to append her name over the cheques and they’d be hers immediately.

The star left a message on Twitter encouraging his followers to help out the less fortunate. “That’s the real spirit of Christmas, even if you can only help in a small way,” he added.

Oh yeah – Merry Christmas ya’ll.Lots of people saying happy holidays and enjoy your time with family.

Do all that stuff, but take it a step further, and help out someone less fortunate than yourself. That’s the real spirit of Christmas, even if you can only help in a small way

— Jesse (@FairlightEx) December 26, 2020

It’s really beautiful to see social media influencers coming out to promote the spirit of Christmas. Helping the less fortunate is just one way to ensure that society remains a better place to live. We do hope in the nearest future to see more and more celebrities come forward with such kind and well-thought gestures.

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