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Born on March 29th, 2003, Jack Wright is an American social media star popular for his comedy and lifestyle videos on TikTok. He has a twin brother, James, who is also a popular content creator on the platform.

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The duo joined the video-sharing platform as teens in California and have since then gained enormous popularity on the platform. Upon gaining popularity, the duo became members of one of social media’s most popular crews, the Hype House. Hype House is a collective of content creators from TikTok living and collaborating on their content in Los Angeles.

Jack Wright’s Early Life

Jack was born in Temecula, California. His father worked at History Flight for many years. History Flight is a non-profit organization that helps find missing military members who disappeared during deployment. Jack had followed his father on various occasions on such missions. Jack’s father’s name is Will Wright, while his mother’s name is Joy Bloom Wright.

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The star attended Great Oak High School while growing up. He worked as a pole vaulter on the track and field team of his school.

One of the reasons the Wrights are popular is because of the original videos posted on their TikTok page. In an interview with The Today Show, Jack reiterated that all the content on his handle was original and not recreated from viral challenges or other sources.

How Much Is Jack Wright Worth In 2021?

Jack started his social media career at a very tender age. As of December 2020, the star has garnered over 7.3M followers on TikTok. He also has 1.2 million followers on Instagram, 129k followers on YouTube and over 20k followers on Twitter.

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Jack’s main source of income is via his social media handles. However, it has not been revealed exactly how much the star earns. Going by the numbers on his TikTok page, it is safe to say Jack earns a little over $200k.

With his steady growth on social media, the star is surely going to have a busy year ahead of him. Endorsements, deals, and merchandise, he seems in a position to have it all.

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