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Casey Owen Neistat, 39, is an American filmmaker, YouTube personality, vlogger, and co-founder of Beme. Beme is a multimedia company that was later acquired by CNN.

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The YouTuber also founded a new company called 365 in 2018. The company offers a creative space for creators to collaborate and interact with each other.

Casey’s Early Life

Casey Neistat was born in Gales Ferry, Connecticut. At the age of 17, he became a school drop out during his sophomore year. In 1998 he left his family and had a son named Owen with his then-girlfriend, Robin Harris. Life was hard then such that Casey resulted in staying inside a trailer with Owen and Harris between 1998 – 2001.

The star later decided to move to New York City where he began the art of filmmaking with Tom Sachs. His 3-minute short film titled iPod’s Dirty Secret caught the eye of prominent figures. From then Casey has picked up momentum to become a renowned name in the social space.

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Casey uploaded a video explaining when the emergency brake cord on train cars should be pulled. His video which was posted on YouTube in 2010 criticized the MTA for not clearly stating when the brakes should be applied. He continued with a long trend of critique videos which received recognition from prominent channels.

How Much Casey Is Worth In 2021

The YouTube personality has a net worth of $16 million. The star boasts 12.3 million YouTube subscribers under his belt. On his Instagram, the star has just over 3.2 million followers.

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In April 2019 Casey paid $3.7 million for a home in Venice, California. He put this home on the market in September 2020 for $3.9 million.

Along with making money from social media, the Youtube personality also directs several TV commercials. This, coupled with the steady traction he’s gained on social media places him in pole position for an interesting 2021.

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