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Jimmy Donaldson or MrBeast, whatever you decide to call him when his name is mentioned one thing comes to mind, philanthropy. It’d be an understatement to say the YouTube star is kind. What started as a little stunt for the YouTuber has now become the way of life of the star.


MrBeast has been an excellent example for other social media influencers to follow. From the beginning of 2020 to the end, he has not ceased to amaze even his fans. He’s not the only one though, his huge heart has inspired other internet personalities as well. One of such is popular streamer ZHC who has continued to follow in the footsteps of Jimmy Donaldson.

Recently Jimmy received a custom-made car from ZHC. With all the philanthropic gestures he undertook this year, one may wonder, how much did MrBeast give out this year in his quest to put smiles on people’s faces?

How Much Did MrBeast Give Out This Year?

With a total of over 60 million fans under his belt across his social media platforms, it can be said that MrBeast most certainly knows how to pull a crowd. From various challenges to expensive stunts and philanthropic gestures, the star has spent a lot this year.

While the star has not come out to say exactly how much he’s spent this year, he revealed last year that he spent about $1 million on gifts and games.

Only in February, he revealed that he’d spent $100,000 on videos he will not be publicizing. In August, he spent $3 million to produce videos for that month alone. Going by his statement, the star spends an average of $1 million per month on videos. That’s about a whopping $12 million per year give or take.

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Considering gifts and other giveaways, the star should be spending close to a million dollars in cash and kind. He gave out free food on his restaurant chain launch just a few weeks ago.

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On that same day, he gave away iPads and other gifts. He even gave away a car to a customer who was waylaid by the curb. Recently he announced his gaming contest for this month which sees the winner walk away with 100k as the prize. Remember that he also hosted some gaming competitions this year and gave away huge amounts of money as well.

Truly, the star has spent a lot for the year 2020. We look forward to what he has for his fans in the year to come.

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