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Yousef Saleh Erakat, 30, is a Palestinian-American YouTuber and Actor. He produces parodies, vlogs, pranks, and comedy sketches on YouTube. Yousef is best known by his stage name, FouseyTube.

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Fousey’s Early Life

Fouseytube was born on January 22nd, 1990 in Fremont, California. The star has three older siblings; Mohammad, Ahmad, and Noura Erakat who is a legal scholar. Fouseytube attended San Jose State University where he majored in Theatre Arts. He later moved to LA in 2013 after graduating from the university to pursue a career in acting.

The star was brought up in a Muslim family but struggles with his religious identity. He has critiqued the negative stereotyping of Muslims on several occasions.

What Happened To FouseyTube?

Yousef posted a video titled “Why I Wanted To End My Life” on his channel in 2014. In the video, he explained that he suffered from a nervous breakdown from the Arab and Muslim families because he got a tattoo. This perhaps was the beginning of his withdrawal from social media.


The star struggles with depression, bipolar disorder, and addiction. He mentions it on his daily vlogs and even talked on VH1.

On 15th July 2018, the star tried to organize a free concert at the Greek Center In LA featuring Drake and Snoop Dogg. However, the event fell through and he was left with a red-faced moment.

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Before the event would even commence someone called the police to inform them of a bomb placed in the venue. The 1,500 people in attendance along with Foucey were left with no option but to exit the building.

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The star would not give up though, as he took his audience to a nearby park and stood on top of a car, and gave a speech about his growth and mental health.

Since then he celebrates every July 15th because he said it was the day that “changed his life”. In 2020 Fousey Tweeted about the ordeal. “2 years ago today my life was changed forever. I had to try really hard not to say ruined. July 15th. grateful I’m still here trying for a better tomorrow.”

2 years ago today my life was changed forever. i had to try really hard to not say ruined. July 15th. grateful i’m still here trying for a better tomorrow. ❤️

— Yousef Erakat. (@fousey) July 16, 2020

Following the event that took place on that very day in 2018, most people thought he’d gone mad. The star’s message earlier this year however brings to perspective his struggle for a better life.

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