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We already know who MrBeast is and what he brings to the party. To be associated with his name alone is bliss. Truly, one could become famous by association when it comes to the star man and his reputation.

The Sisters and MrBeast

This privilege is true once more as the star man has repeatedly directed the spotlight towards an account that was once without many subscribers.

MrBeast gave out a few of these shoutouts to smaller channels last year but it’s one that has managed to steal our attention at the moment.

MrBeast And The YouTube Accounts

Due to the video-sharing platform’s inability to publish a 2020 end of year rewind, popular star MrBeast has risen to the occasion once more. The star did not disappoint in creating a much anticipated 2020 rewind.

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His video featured many creators from TikTok to YouTube. MrBeast could not help but prank his viewers into thinking he was going to do a face reveal for Minecraft mystery man Dream, only to reveal later that it was a prank.

MrBeast had a bow of names before him from which he seeded and removed any random paper to open, claim, and manifest in his account.

One of such accounts was Amelia and Bridie, a lifestyle account from YouTubers all the way from Australia. Before the star’s intervention, the account had just over 400 subscribers. As of the time of writing, the account has accumulated over 134k subscribers in under 24 hours.

In a video reacting to their newly established overnight success, the sisters were full of thanks and praise for the Internet star. The pair reacted by saying: “Thank you so much for supporting small YouTubers. That was honestly the biggest, best present ever, and a great start to the year, like what the heck?”

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That’s not the only thing doing well around here. MrBeast’s version of rewind 2020 also looks to have picked up some steam, blowing hot with a little over 16 million views with a potential to double value in no distant time.

MrBeast has continued to show time and again how important his fanbase is to him. This shoutout to smaller channels is just a micro example of how keen the internet is about helping humanity.

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