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MrBeast has started 2021 on a high note, picking up just where he had left off in 2020. For most fans, Jimmy Donaldson is a superhero. From one giveaway to another, the star brings music to the party at every opportunity he gets.

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His generosity has set him apart. Each of his videos is almost always a hit. No wonder he was the second-best paid YouTuber in 2020. Still, his fame has not hindered the 22-year-old from staying humble. He is indeed an example for others to emulate.

In the latest of his philanthropic gestures, the star has given away a house to a Minecraft player who demonstrated fabulous building skills on the game.

What happened With MrBeast And The Minecraft Player?

On his rapidly growing MrBeast channel, the YouTuber rolled out a challenge to his fans to build a Minecraft house. What was the gift? A brand new house! Isn’t that just incredible?

The challenger, MrBeast did not lay out any specifications for his fans, just a beautiful house. It was an indeed keen contest as you’d expect, with fans coming up with wild designs.

While others built skyscrapers, some went for something utterly different. In the end, only one person emerged victorious – SaveMrSquishy. The gamer bagged an almost perfect score of 28/30.


What did the Minecraft player build? The player went with a small yet creative design. The house was made inside of a glass sphere with a Christmas theme with snow, a decorated tree, and presents. This house caught the eye of MrBeast who was amazed by its simple yet complex design.

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This is not the first time MrBeast is holding a building design challenge. In fact, they have become a tradition on MrBeast’s gaming channel. Fans are therefore expectant that the star will hold another contest and a series of others in the not too distant future.

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