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Vinnie Hacker, 16, was born in Seattle, WA on July 14th, 2002. He is a content creator who is popular for his short comedy and lip-sync videos which he posts on TikTok.

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Before his rise to fame, Vinnie edited music videos and short films for the fun of it. He also compiled sports highlights for YouTube and Instagram pages. He also played baseball for Seattle Select and then for his team at O’Dea High School.

The star has been brought up as a catholic and is especially passionate about his religion. He attended the number one school of sports in DC and one of the top 170 in the nation. Vinnie is a member of the University of Diversity and Sway Gaming.


Vinnie’s mum, Maria Hacker, works as an emergency 911 dispatch staff and his father is an electrician. His brother Reggie is also a social media star and plays basketball. Reggie also had a good run in academics.

What Is Vinnie Hacker Up To In 2021?

Vinnie Hacker has over 236k followers on Twitter, 216k subscribers on YouTube, 1.9 million followers on Instagram, and 5.4 million followers on TikTok.

The star is a notable presence on YouTube and TikTok where he posts his videos. As earlier stated, Vinnie was a member of the sway house until recently when he came out to announce his departure from the group.

Sway gaming is a content house that was formed as a result of a spin-off from Sway House. The house was originally launched in July last year by Talent X Gaming. The house hosts notable personalities like Kio Cyr, Griffin Johnson, and Quinton Griggs.

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Vinnie Hacker is the first person to break off from the house. The star revealed his decision in an emotional TikTok. The video features him waving goodbye to his room, packing his possessions, and hugging goodbye to former housemates.

Vinnie had a somewhat bad year, moving from one scandal to the next. He even lamented about the turn of events that ensued in the past year saying “Didn’t know when I made a TikTok account I’d be signing a paper to sell my soul to people who don’t actually respect me.”

The star has not told us what he intends to do, or where he wants to go, but we do hope he has a free-flowing and interesting encounter outside of the house.

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