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Alex Burriss, 30, better known online by his alias as Alex Wassabi is an American actor and internet personality. Alex is a three-time nominee of the popular Streamy Awards Show. The star is most popular for his tremendous work on YouTube.

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Alex has managed to appear in the movie Boo 2! A Madea Halloween, and also played roles on the web series Escape The Night, and Light As A Feather.

Alex’s Early Life

Alex Wassabi joined founder Roi Fabito in 2016 on the duo channel Wassabi Productions. The duo created several skits and parody videos with other stars such as Rolanda and Richard as features. It was however their rendition of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” that brought them international accolades and recognition. As of January 2021, the video has garnered 140 million views on YouTube.

In 2016 Wassabi productions was one of the most subscribed channels on YouTube. Alex’s colleague Fabito left the duo in 2016 to work on his channel. Thereafter, the channel’s name was changed from Wassabi Productions to just Wassabi. The content has also seen a shift from music parody videos to gaming related content and vlogs under Wassabi’s management.

In 2020, Alex Wassabi participated in “The Great Gift Exchange” which is hosted by YouTube. The star was able to make donations to Make-A-Wish-Foundation.

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What Is Alex Wassabi Up To In 2021?

29-year-old Alex Wassabi has come out this year to announce that he’d be taking a break from his YouTube channel after being active for 15 years. The star has revealed that he feels “burnt out” and needs some time to regroup and recharge. “I feel less creative,” he explained. “I don’t have the same urge to create that I used to.”

He continued: “I want to take a break to just be myself and figure out who I am and what I want to do with this channel… and even if I want to be a YouTube creator anymore.”


The star broke down in tears as he revealed this new development. He however ended the video in a reassuringly positive tone, stating he was excited to embark on the break that has long become overdue.

Alex Wassabi then signed off with his popular catchphrase, noting it might be the last time he ever says it; “Until next time, do me a favor and don’t forget to remember: if you’re not smiling, you’re doing it wrong.”


Will we be seeing Alex anytime soon? We do not know. The star has not revealed what he’d be doing with his timeout but we sure hope he enjoys a refreshing time, and, hopefully, comes back sooner than later to put more smiles on the faces of his ever teeming fans.

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