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Alex Warren is an American YouTuber. He is popularly known for his comedic video content where he posts vlogs as well as stunt and skateboarding videos. He is also popular on TikTok and Instagram and l is known for using the hashtag #WarHeads in his posts.

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The youngster grew up skateboarding, hence his love for the sport. He, therefore, started sharing his videos on YouTube in May 2015. Alex is one of the founding members of the Hype house, a collaborative group on TikTok, and also a house where most social media influencers live in Los Angeles.

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Kouvr Annon is an Instagram star and social media influencer who is best recognized for being the girlfriend of fellow social star Alex Warren. Her boyfriend features regularly on her YouTube channel, Instagram, and TikTok videos.

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Her Instagram content mostly focuses on her modeling photos, travel photos, and latest fashion trends. Since she is also a social media influencer, her fans also find promotional content on her Instagram account.

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Are Alex Warren And Kouvr Annon Planning To Get Married In 2021?

After months of speculation, Kouvr Annon first posted a photo of herself and Alex Warren on her Instagram in December 2018. The image had the caption “My lil weirdo❤️ You’re stuck in the desert w/ only one person… Tag who you’d pick!!🌴”. This could therefore have marked the official beginning of their relationship.

Alex and Kouvr

A mini Q&A with the duo was posted on YouTube. In the video, they kept avoiding questions by fans as to whether they were going to have kids very soon. Alex jokingly said “We’re 19! Everyone keeps commenting, ‘Get married.’” Then he jokingly says, “So, we’re getting married”. But that was a joke and has remained as such.

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The duo has established themselves as one of the favorite couples on The Hype House. To show how serious they were, Kouvr moved from Hawaii to California to be with Alex.

Although the relationship is gaining ground, it’s still difficult to say if the duo will get married this year or not. hopefully, we will see them tying the knot in the not-too-distant future.

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