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Gladiator Lacrosse, a high-quality sports training equipment line, was founded in 2013 by 13-year-old entrepreneur and lacrosse player Rachel Zietz. She has maintained a profitable company without ever compromising the brand’s fundamental intent or consumer promise. By the age of 15, she built a $1 million company.

The idea came from Rachel’s discontent with the quality, cost of current product offerings. To help improve her game, Rachel would practice shots in her backyard, but the equipment she bought for use would not hold out to the weather outdoors or were just too expensive. After participating in the Young Entrepreneurs Academy Program, the idea to start her own business to provide high-grade lacrosse equipment at affordable prices began to form; and thus Gladiator Lacrosse was born.

Affordable Equipment

Gladiator Lacrosse provides affordable equipment that, unlike other brands, can withstand the rigorous wear-and-tear of regular lacrosse practice. Rachel is personally involved in the making of each gear. Her passion for the game is reflected in every detail’s perfection, down to the packaging and installation instructions. Knowing she must not be the only player let down by the low quality of lacrosse practice equipment, she sensed a hole in the market, an evident need for a newer(and higher quality) product, and a fantastic business opportunity for players like herself.

But no game can compare to the adrenaline rush she felt when she traveled to Culver City, Calif, and walked onto the set of ABC’s Shark Tank to pitch her company, which has amassed $1.5 million in sales in two-plus years. Conclusively, Zietz did not get a deal, but the Sharks came away impressed.

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Shark Tank

Although Rachel walked away from Shark Tank without a deal for Gladiator Lacrosse, she has since become a remarkably successful businesswoman in her own right.

As of June 2020, Gladiator Lacrosse is a thriving business. Rachel has stayed on as CEO and brought on the world-class brand ambassador and professional lacrosse player Casey Powell to promote the company.

Now a sophomore and captain of the undefeated club lacrosse team at Princeton, she runs a full-fledged lacrosse equipment company that will do $7 million in revenue in 2020.

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