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Yousef Saleh Erakat, popularly known as Fousey Tube is a Palestinian-American YouTuber and Actor. The 30-year-old produces parodies, vlogs, pranks, and comedy sketches on YouTube.

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The star has gained traction on social media over the years while getting involved in some controversies as well. Alongside acting, Fousey has warmed his way into the hearts of many on social media who are fans of his. They will want to therefore hear the plans he has for them in the new year.

Fousey Tube’s Early Life

Fouseytube was born on January 22nd, 1990 in Fremont, California. The star has three older siblings; Mohammad, Ahmad, and Noura Erakat who is a legal scholar. Fouseytube attended San Jose State University where he majored in Theatre Arts. He later moved to LA in 2013 after graduating from the university to pursue a career in acting.

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The star was brought up in a Muslim family but struggles with his religious identity. He has critiqued the negative stereotyping of Muslims on several occasions.

What Are His Plans For 2021?

The year may just be starting but Fousey hasn’t wasted time in reeling out his plans. The star announced via a YouTube Video that his old channel which has over 10.5 million subscribers will no longer be functional. He revealed that he has however commissioned a new channel and urged fans to subscribe.

Yousef went ahead to shout out to the first 23,000 subscribers on his new channel. He has also commended the response on his “Re-Up’ music video challenge, thanking fans for the likes, comments, and follows. According to the star, the support was overwhelming and “surpassed his wildest dreams”.

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He also made it known that his first-ever Gotta Get It podcast with Aaron and Jp was also available for public consumption. Fousey also mentioned the giveaway on his Instagram for a Bose speaker soundbar and headphones as well as an iPhone 12 and cash up to $500.

His comeback speech continued with the star going wild on more announcements. He announced that he is “formally back and the grind is on”. He has also mentioned a $1,000 prize for the Re-Up dance challenge. The star also announced that he’ll be moving into his new condo.

To round it off, he showed off his parents’ reaction to seeing his condo for the first time. He had some more time to spare as he finally revealed how he’s been able to stay positive and motivated through his entire struggles. He’s revealed that he takes his medicines every morning, and now prays five times a day according to his religion, something he found difficult in previous times.

He revealed that there’s a music video featuring Adam Salah, himself, and another secret feature that he refused to reveal. The star however revealed that the song and music video will be out on February 14th. He is not yet done as he has encouraged everyone to go to his new channel for more surprises and updates. The star has tagged the year “The Re-Up Era”.

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