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Our favorite online personality did it again when he put smiles on the faces of numerous people on the day he launched his restaurant chain across the United States. For most, that day is not to be forgotten for the many things MrBeast did.

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For those who are familiar with the story, you’d recall that in December MrBeast launched his first-ever set of restaurants and as usual turned it into one of his philanthropic gestures. On that day he gave away so many gifts of different types and prices.

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For most people, it’s no longer surprising that the star does, the way gives away freely, and how he thinks of others at every given opportunity he gets. MrBeast’s restaurant manager has explained how the burger and restaurants were picked by the star.

In December the star unveiled his new line of business with potentially 300 locations where his customers can order from. At the moment, fans still have to order from delivery applications such as UberEats, Doordash, Grubhub, and others. There’s however a possibility that physical locations will be feasible in the nearest future.

How Were MrBeast’s Burger and Restaurants Selected?

Restaurant manager Duchscher has revealed how the idea for MrBeast restaurant was born, how its locations were picked, and the reason they ultimately decided to go with burgers.

According to the manager, the idea had been in play for about a year. While they were planning, the idea never occurred to them to open physical locations. Duchscher however revealed that with the tremendous success they recorded during the launch, the option for physical locations has come into play. “Although now with the success, I think we will,” the manager hinted and noted that partnering with smaller restaurants was part of the plan.

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MrBeast’s YouTube channel was very important in choosing the locations of the restaurant. The manager has revealed they had to take a look at the star’s YouTube channel to find out the cities with the most watch time, opting to go with the biggest ones on the list. And as expected, they were more disappointed at all. As usual, MrBeast’s fans rose to the occasion even surpassing their expectation.

The manager also revealed that MrBeast wanted to do something simple and non-complex for his restaurant. This helped narrow down the options from Burritos or Sushi to Burgers. “We wanted to make a simple product that other restaurants could easily make if they had the ingredients,” he explained. “So we ultimately decided on a burger.”

How Will They Manage The Situation?

Upon making every other necessary decision, his restaurant had to partner with existing restaurants in the locations they’d chosen for their virtual dining concept. This too presented its own issues. The manager has however revealed that the plan going forward in 2021 is to scale.

We look forward to seeing what the restaurant and its management have in store for its customers in 2021 and the years to come. For now, you can not MrBeast’s burger by placing the order from the delivery places earlier mentioned.

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