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James Spratt, 27, is an English gamer who is popular for his high level of play in the well-known game Call of Duty. The star grew up in England and is reported to have a sister. Not much is known about James’ family as he has decided to keep his family life private.

spratt-leaves-optic-gaming-why-reasons-explains-2-8496745 James Spratt

James started uploading videos to his current YouTube channel in 2010 and has gained much importance on the platform since then. He was once a member of FaZe Clan in 2011 but later left to focus on his channel.

The star is known for his custom montages where he compiles his best performances while playing online. James Spratt enjoyed a pretty solid year in 2020 and looks to build on that in 2021.


How Much Is James Worth?

The star’s main source of income is via YouTube where he has built a strong relationship with his fans. His YouTube channel has well over 1.2 million subscribers. It has published nearly 2,000 videos which have fetched him more than 125 million views. James creates an average of 7 new videos per month.

The star gets an average of 87,000 views per day, accompanied by at least 275 subscribers daily. As of January 2021, the star is worth over $148,000. He also has an Instagram hand where he has garnered 111.1k followers. On his Twitter account, he has commanded over 337k followers. All these figures set him up for some good cash as he looks good for more growth in the business.

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What Is James Spratt Up To In 2021?

James has come off strong in the new year already. The star has taken to his YouTube channel to show off his new gaming room which reportedly cost over $10,000. His new room most certainly puts others to shame when you take a look at it. What’s his setup like?

James has used 3 LG monitors; one in 4k with 144hz refresh rate while two are 1080p. The star revealed that they’ll be used for gaming and to chat while streaming on Twitch. The three monitors are said to have cost James about $1000.

Moving forward. James has employed the Sony A6300 camera as his face cam. He’s attached it to an Elgato Ringlight. James Spratt has spent $800 on the equipment in this section.

The star has upgraded his audio setup to feature an ASTRO A40 TR Headset with TR Mixamp. This is a solid sound system that provides all-around, high-quality sound feedback. He has of course customized them to carry the Warzone logo on both sides.

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James Spratt has taken it up a notch with his actual gaming system. He now uses a custom made PC with an Intel Core i9 processor coupled with an NVIDIA Geforce RTX 3080 video card. The system comes with an ASUS Prime X299 Deluxe motherboard as well as other very cool features. Indeed the star went all out on this one. The price of the equipment here is estimated to be around $2,000 give or take.

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How Does That Make It $10,000?

If you were wondering how all those equipment summed up to $10k then you’re not wrong. There’s more. James is also using a PS5 and a 30th-anniversary limited edition of PS4 pro which only a few thousand were made. Then, the star has another space he has named “Admin Stuff” which is equipped with a cool-looking Warzone mousepad as well as a Lenovo Legion laptop and lots more.

Content creators understand the value of the upgrade made by James Spratt. This upgrade sets him up with everything he needs to compete with the very best. 2021 is already looking good for him and we are eager to see what he can do with the new equipment he has acquired.

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