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The Paul brothers enjoyed a successful 2020 with victories and other accomplishments. Jake Paul, who we all know as the YouTube star turn pro boxer won a massive fight against Nate Robinson last year.

Just after Jake’s victory, his older brother Logan announced that he’ll be taking on boxing legend Floyd Mayweather in February of 2021. This year seemed far off but is already here. The fight will take place in a few weeks’ time.

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Since his victory over Nate, Jake has seized the opportunity to call out every high profile boxer in the game to face him. He went as far as inviting even his brother’s opponent to a fight as well. Mayweather is yet to respond to Jake’s call-out, however.

Jake Wants To Fight Mayweather

After older brother, Logan Paul took to Twitter to declare his intentions of squaring off with Avengers star Chris Hemsworth after his bout with legend Floyd Mayweather. His brother Jake who has been scouting for opponents responded to his brother’s tweet as well. In his response, Jake states that he will be much glad to take on Mayweather after his brother does of course.

Jake’s call-out of Mayweather only further strengthens his recent names of high profile boxers he’s challenged to take on in recent months. The budding boxer has also called out the likes of Dillon Danis, Ben Askren, and Connor McGregor.

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Logan’s ability to secure a fight with the likes of Mayweather puts him in pole position to pick a fight with any boxer of his choosing. For him, he already joked before that Hemsworth is only as good as the green screen portrays him and sees a valid chance to defeat him.

While Floyd Mayweather, the popular 50-0 man may be willing to box it out with Logan Paul, it is still unclear if he’ll be willing to give Jake a chance to go for it. But in this game, we’ve learned to “never say die”, and as we all know Jake, he’s a resilient individual who does not give up so easily. We may therefore have a fight on our hands in the nearest future. But who’s to say?

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