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Over the years popular podcast star Joe Rogan has interviewed several fighters and athletes on his podcast. The star even has a dedicated podcast series just for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters.

Joe Rogan And Mike Tyson

His success so far has seen him rank as one of the best in his league. Many celebrities are always happy to be featured on Rogan’s famous podcast. Joe Rogan has always been the calm and collected voice bringing good tidings on his podcast. Things did change once boxing legend Mike Tyson came to town.

Joe Rogan Widened His Podcast Table Because Of Tyson

Joe revealed in his episode with Mark Normand the reason for his wide table as seen on his shows. The reason for everyone’s amusement was related to Mike Tyson. The podcast maestro revealed that Tyson was really pumped up and ready for a fight against an opponent when he came in to be interviewed. This happened back in Los Angeles but the star has not forgotten.

Roman explained, stating that “[Mike Tyson] is the reason why this table is this wide. This table, I was going to make it more narrow, I even had a smaller table that we were working with as a guide. We were still doing the shows back in LA, while we were setting up this studio, I did an interview with Tyson, and he was so amped up for this Roy Jones fight, that I got nervous being in the room”.

“I’m like, ‘I like that extra six inches of space between us because he was so ramped up. When he left, Jamie goes ‘that’s a totally different person,’ because he went from being, ‘Mike Tyson, pot grower, not working out at all’, to getting ready to go to combat again”, he continued.

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Legendary boxer Mike Tyson has appeared twice on Joe Rogan’s show, the earliest in September 2020 and the other in January 2019. The 2019 version saw the star tell Rogan and his audience that he had no intention of returning to the boxing ring but then eventually did in November last year.

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Tyson on his other appearance on Rogan’s show commended YouTube stars for bringing life back to boxing. He stated categorically that YouTube boxing fights were one of the biggest boosts to the sport of boxing.

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