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Moonbug Entertainment, (Moonbug for short) is an English Media company based in London. The company is best known for its children’s YouTube Channel, including the third most subscribed channel on the platform known as Cocomelon, and Little Baby Bum.

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Since its creation in 2018, the company has amassed many franchises and animated series. The company is not only restricted to YouTube. It has also aired on Netflix, Apple Tv+, Roku, and other streaming services. Along with its head office in London, the company also has a branch in Los Angeles, United States.

How The Company Has Acquired Its Fortune

At the beginning of 2019, Moonbug owned intellectual property worth over £346,258. Also, Moonbug’s content creation arm was not worth much, weighing in at just below £50,000. This and other factors ensured that the company had little monetary value.

Fast forward a year later, the company’s monetary value has surged all the way to the moon, recording a value of over £9 million. What of its content creation wing which has become a business of its own with a value of £1.1 million? How did Moonbug make so much in so little time?

With over 100 million subscribers on Cocomelon and about 35 million on Baby Bum, the company has made a statement of its own. Both channels, especially Cocomelon are well known for their mix of songs, nursery rhymes, and children’s stories.

Renowned author of “Gen Z Frequency”, Derek Baird had his say on the company’s success rate so far. In his statement, the writer says “First, you have to create quality content that resonates with kids. Secondly, if you’re successful on the first point, you have to produce enough content to continually feed the content beast. This strategy hinges on a company being willing to make sizeable short-term investments in content development and production for future release, profits, and IP monetization.”

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“Much of Moonbug Studio’s stratospheric growth in the kids streaming space can be traced to their July 2020 acquisition of Cocomelon, which has surpassed 100 million subscribers on YouTube and has garnered nearly 100 billion views on the platform,” Baird explained.

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From the explanation, it, therefore, means that Moonbug will record a bigger financial year by the time December and 2020’s financial report is on the cards. The company has taken very deliberate steps that have in fact led to its growth and development. We await to see how much growth the upcoming company will record by December.

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