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Stipe Miocic is a Croatian-American professional Mixed Martial Artist and paramedic firefighter. At the moment, the star is committed to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), having signed a deal with the company which allows him to fight in the heavyweight division.

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Miocic is also the current and two-time UFC champion. He holds the record for most wins in heavyweight fights, also doubling as the longest title streak defender in the heavyweight division with 3 title defenses so far. The star is a decorated fighter in his own right.

What Miocic Thinks About The Paul Brothers

The Pat McAfee show played host to Miocic on one of its episodes. While on the show, the UFC boxer was asked to render his thoughts on the Paul brothers. He was asked to give his opinion on Jake’s upcoming fight with Ben Askren and the brothers have shown in the sport. Here’s what he had to say.

“I mean, they say social media is a motherf***er,” the UFC star joked. “They’re doing it right, it’s helping boxing, but also it’s helping everything because they’re calling UFC fighters out, too. Or the Bellator guys.”

The UFC champion thinks calling out bigger fighters is a cheeky move, and while he praised their guts and what they brought to the game, he also had other things to say. He particularly praised Jake Paul for calling out Connor McGregor and Ben Askren. Ben later accepted Jake’s offer and the duo is set to face off later in the year.

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While younger brother Jake gets ready to fight Askren in a highly anticipated thriller, older brother Logan gets ready to square it off with Floyd Mayweather on February 20. Stipe Miocic has however advised the Logan brothers not to get too confident calling out fighters. This he said is because they could potentially ruin the good thing they had going for them.

“Don’t bite off more than you can chew,” the champ advised. “I mean, yes, you may be a tough guy, but Askren has been in some scraps. He’s been around, you know, fighting and wrestling and all that”, Miocic continued.

While this is a piece of good advice, we can only sit back and wait to see how things unfold. Whether the Paul brothers will take his advice is only left to time and the events of the future.

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