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TikTok user guapo.704 uploaded a video that has gone viral with over 8 million views. In the video, the TikToker filmed his boss showing off a credit-card-sized phone charger which supposedly charged his boss’s phone just by leaving it on the screen.


Guapo titled this viral video “My boss living in 3021”. It’s quite interesting that this video has garnered a lot of attention, introducing his boss Randy Shirley to the world.

This phenomenon gained a lot of attention and left many commenters in the comment section asking questions and arguing amongst themselves. Basically, this card is supposedly able to charge your phone wirelessly.

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Randy filmed the phone on Low Battery. Next, he produces the card charger and places it on top of his phone, and then voila! His phone begins to charge, increasing at an unbelievably exponential rate while the charge card’s indication bar went down simultaneously.


@buck35ts #fyp

♬ original sound – guapo.704

Is The Charge Card Real?

While most people are amazed by this supposedly new invention making waves on TikTok, others have doubted its legitimacy.

“Lithium-ion batteries cannot charge that fast lest they explode from the excess heat. Also can’t charge over bluetooth. This is CAPPPP,” one user said. “It’s just a screen recording guys. I hope you know it’s physically impossible for that to happen,” another wrote.


#duet with @guapo.704

♬ original sound – guapo.704

Curious viewers have since taken to Randy’s account to flood him with various comments asking where they could get their hands on such a cool invention. Randy answered saying the card was only a prototype. He further added that if he gets up to 10,000 followers on the platform he’ll be willing to drop more information on the cool card.

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How exactly Randy did it is yet unclear. While others see it as a trick to get followers, others genuinely believe in the card’s existence. It seems we’ll be waiting a long time to get that info as Randy’s own account only has about 862 followers currently.

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