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Corpse Husband, popularly known as Corpse, is an American musician and internet personality. He is best known for his faceless work on YouTube, as well as his Let’s Play content and horror story narration. Corpse Husband has a characteristically low-pitched voice.

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What Do We Know About Corpse’s Early Life

We may not know much about Corpse Husband’s early life, but we do know that he dropped out of school in 8th grade due to personal issues. Corpse later returned to school, but only for a while, as he dropped out again. It has also been revealed that Corpse was a very rebellious student while in school.

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While in School, the YouTube star was good at Computer and English studies. He was also a seasoned soccer player, getting himself on his town’s front page. He was also a baseball player for his school.

Corpse Husband resides in a house alone where he records his stories at night when it is quiet. The star has done a great job keeping his identity a secret for a long time.

When Will Corpse Husband Reveal His Identity

No one has seen his face asides from his close friends and his ex-girlfriend who lived together with him before they broke up. Indeed his fans are very curious to see the face behind the mask. Will their dreams come true?

Corpse Husband has recently hinted at his possible exit from YouTube in the nearest future. The star in a YouTube video cited his illness, hinting that at some point he’d have to bring an end to his streaming career. The message sent shock waves across his fans on social media. His fans including several stars showed some love to the star.

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Although he made that video, he came out soon after to clarify that he wasn’t going to quit at the earliest, yet subsequently. For most fans though, the question still remains. When will he reveal his identity?

At the moment there is no clue as to when the star will be willing to reveal his identity. As with other stars who were anonymous before but revealed their identities once they called it quits, one would expect Corpse Husband to follow in the same footsteps. To point out exactly when he’s going to do it or whether he’d do it at all is a herculean task, but we do hope the star surprises us with this highly valued piece of information.

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