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Alexandra Mary Hirschi is commonly known by her online alias, Supercar Blondie. She is an Australian presenter, social media personality, and vlogger who is based in Dubai. The star is best known for her automotive videos which she frequently posts on her social media handles.

Supercar Blonde

The star’s FB page has nearly 32 million followers while her Instagram boasts over 8.3 million followers. Supercar Blondie has over 5.32 million subscribers on YouTube as well. Her Facebook page was considered the fastest growing page in 2018 according to Socialbakers in 2018.

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The star nurtured a passion for cars at a very tender age. Her love for cars is evident even in her online alias. Blondie studied Journalism and Business at Queensland University of Technology Australia before later moving to Dubai in 2008. She’s worked as a newsreader and presenter for 9 years before finally leaving in 2018 to become a full social media personality.

What Is Supercar Blondie Up To In 2021?

Blondie is set to go head to head with UK’s Craig David in a virtual F1 race on February 6th. The race which is part of a four-part Velo Series is presented by ex-Top Gear host and TV presenter, Rory Reid.

In a test that was organized earlier so contestants can get acquainted with the wheels, Supercar Blondie admitted that Craig beat her “hands down”. Although the star is the biggest automotive creator there is at the moment, she still gets stars struck when she’s in the presence of mainstream celebs.

“I don’t really know who is watching my stuff because I’m just talking into a camera, and then I meet these celebs and they’re like ‘oh I watched this video of you driving this car and that was awesome’ and I’m just like ‘YOU’re watching my videos!! That’s so cool, I’m listening to your music!” she explains.

The star also used the opportunity to communicate her plans for the year after the showdown in February. “My next goal is to have the biggest audience full-stop when it comes to cars”. She is also targeting a “Go-to website for everything car-related.” 

The star has hinted that she might even be willing to expand her tentacles outside of social media to create a physical presence for her goods.

Supercar Blondie has also stated that she’ll be traveling ever so often as soon as the pandemic is over and travel restrictions are lifted.

“We really only had to step back from traveling which I’m also thankful for because it was exhausting. Going forward I will be traveling more once restrictions lift but only for specific things…so we will be based in Dubai more and be filming more local content.”

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