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The last year has seen Rachell Valkyrae Hofstetter become one of that world’s biggest streamers. Since her move to YouTube where she creates some very good content, the star has seen a remarkable rise in her viewership.

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Just recently a new game came to town and is warming its way into the hearts of most streamers. This game, Rust, has become very famous even amongst prominent streamers.

Sykunno and other prominent streamers have once again shown that there’s more to gaming than meets the eye. The stars came together to throw Valkyrae a birthday party she’d never forget while keeping it a secret from her.

Her fellow streamers organized a birthday party for her on a Rust server. The birthday surprise was complete, boasting everything you’d see in a traditional birthday party – decor, cake, and the likes.

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Valkyrae only found out about the big plan on January 8th which happens to be her birthday. In a bid to make the event as perfect as possible, the birthday team were all online waiting for the birthday girl to turn up. Immediately she arrived the event commenced with her well-wishers dancing, singing, and rejoicing as one would in a real party.

How Valkyrae Reacted To The Party

The celebrant, Valkyrae, was pleasantly shocked and excitedly speechless when she saw all the effort that was put in for her. The star went around the room admiring everything and commenting on its beauty.

On a general note, the celebrant was impressed with the work the guys had done. From keeping it a secret to making sure the star felt loved even amid the pandemic is something really special.

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This massive show of love goes on to demonstrate the importance of friends in one’s life. We all wish Valkyrae a happy birthday and a fruitful year ahead.

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