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Libby-Mae is an English social media personality who is popular for her @Libbymae24 TikTok page. The star is known for posting dancing and lip-sync videos. Libby-Mae also posts funny and creative videos on her TikTok page alongside her innovative dancing moves. The star was born on June 3rd 2002.



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Not much is known about Libby-Mae’s personal life, family, and education. Her dad’s name is not known while her mother’s name is Lynsey. Her mom had a popular TikTok account, @keggy_linz. Libby also has a brother who is known as Nicholas. It has also been revealed that the star is well educated, although her school records are not yet available for public consumption.

Libby Mae

Libby-Mae stands tall with a height of about 5ft and weighs approximately 52kg. Libby-Mae is a non-vegetarian eater. The star started dating fellow TikToker Katylee in 2019. They both have a YouTube channel named ‘Katylee and Libby’. As of 2021, Libby-Mae is still in a relationship and is currently enjoying her life to the fullest with fellow star Katylee.

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Libby-Mae’s Career

At a very tender age, Libby realized the power of social media, its untapped potentials, and vast opportunities. This led her to start investing more time on social media where she shares videos and talent with her target audience to this day.


And I’m feeling…gooooooood✨

♬ feeling good – harry

Libby-Mae has established herself as one of TikTok’s biggest names. Her unique style has ensured that she is also a renowned social media personality and a great brand ambassador for the brands she has collaborated with within the US.

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The star possesses a unique, confident, and vivacious style that describes her personality and the journey she has been through over the years.

How Much Is Libby-Mae Worth?

Libby has been able to accumulate over 740,000 followers on TikTok. She also has a followership of 83.2k on Instagram. Libby’s oldest archived TikTok was posted in December 2019. The star currently has a net worth of about $30,000.

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