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Katylee Bailey was born in Bradford, England. She is a renowned social media star who is famous for her comedy and dance videos.

Before gaining traction on TikTok, Katylee was an ardent user of the now replaced Musical.ly app where she posted her videos. She has continued to use the app after it transitioned to TikTok.

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Not much is known about Katylee’s childhood or her family life. We do know however that her mum has appeared on most of her TikTok videos. The TikTok star is of Anglo-French-Latin Origin. It has not yet been established at this point whether she has siblings or not. There is also no reliable information as regards her education at the moment.

Katylee’s Career

Katylee Bailey launched her joint YouTube channel with fellow TikTok star and girlfriend Libby-Mae in 2018. Before that she posted lip-sync and dance videos on the then Musical.ly which is now called TikTok.

Their joint channel on YouTube has amassed so many views and followers at the moment. On January 4th, the duo launched a new joint channel on YouTube named Katylee and Libby Mae. The new channel has already amassed over 4.56k followers since its launch.

Katie’s Net Worth

Since joining TikTok, the star has amassed up to 971,000 followers while receiving more than 71 million likes. Katie is also on Instagram where she has been able to garner over 102.3k followers. Her joint YouTube channel with fellow TikToker and girlfriend Libby-Mae has more than 40,000 subscribers. Libby is not on any other social media handles including the famous Facebook and Twitter.

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