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Rebecca Renee Black is an American YouTuber and singer. She has gained traction over the years on social media due to her Friday single which went viral on YouTube and other social media sites in 2011. The star has released other songs after that single.

Rebecca Black

Currently, Rebecca uploads videos covering various topics on her YouTube channel. Rebecca Black is the daughter of John Jeffrey Black and Georgina Marquez Kelly. The star attended a private school but later moved to a public school in a bid to avoid bullying.

Rebecca Black joined her school’s music theatre program but later dropped out of school in 2011 in favor of homeschooling. In April 2020 she came out as queer in an episode of the Dating Straight podcast.

Rebecca’s Career

After getting off to a somewhat unencouraging start to her music career, Rebecca Black was able to capitalize on the negative vibes surrounding her to become one of YouTube’s greatest talents. Rebecca started releasing her self titled singles in 2011. She also made song covers for popular artists which she uploaded on her YouTube.

The star revealed that she would release an album in 2011 but it never saw the light of day. The star signed with Maker Studios YouTube channel in 2012. She was brought into Australia in the same year where she collaborated with Telstar to promote their 4G service. In 2013, she released another single Saturday as her sequel to Friday.

This was her second song to chart on Billboard Hot 100, going as high up as position 55. The star’s newest singles so far are Do you, Anyway, and Sweetheart which were all released in 2019. She featured on the Dorian Electra track of EdgeLord in 2020.

How Much Is Rebecca Black Worth?

Rebecca managed to turn all the negative press surrounding her into a money-making venture. Her major source of income is from her YouTube channel where she’s amassed over 1.47 million subscribers. Her net worth as of January 2021 is estimated at $3 million.

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