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If you’re trying to grow fast on TikTok then I assume it’s because you know TikTok is the way to go. TikTok allows its users to express themselves in various creative ways. This has made the platform so popular and stars on the app are cashing out.

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We all know that for you to be sponsored by the Creator Fund or other advertising companies that pay, you must have at least 10,000 fans under your belt. Don’t have that many followers yet? Not to worry! This article explains the ways one can grow their TikTok account in no time.

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If you are new to TikTok, you may want to take a step back a little to understand how the platform works, and how you can create successful videos.

5 Ways Of Growing A TikTok Account

Firstly, to grow your account, one must know his way around the platform. Once you know your way around on the app, you can take it from there. Here are a few tips on how to grow your account in no time at all.

As an aspiring influencer, make sure you follow at least 30 to 50 big names on TikTok. By big names we mean famous celebrities from whom you can see what’s trending. Lots of trends come and go viral on the platform. If you are quick, you’ll have higher chances of going viral too.

Once you follow prominent content creators, you’re more likely to catch new viral trends. Immediately you do, try to join the train as fast as possible. To further stay up to date on Trends, check the For You page. This helps you adjust your account to current trends.

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  • Create Short But Informative Videos

Yes, TikTok videos can last for three seconds to a minute. However successful videos that have gone viral are mostly between 8-15 seconds. You may also want to work with that timeframe. Why should you?

The attention span of TikTokers is very short. If your story is too long, they may get bored and move along. Additionally, TikTok will boost your videos if it is watching to the end, or played over again.

Some creators have been known to deliberately create weird open-end videos. This leaves the audience confused hence they replay the videos again. Innovative yes? You may also want to try this out as well.

  • Use Trending Songs For Your Video

The sounds accompanying your videos on TikTok play a very significant role. Sometimes the audience even falls in love with your sound before it does the content. Without a great song played over superb content, your video may not go viral.

When choosing sounds for your videos, go for the trending ones. The song should match the mood of the video plus, ideally, it is being used by many other creators as well.

Using popular songs put you in pole position to be featured on the sound’s page. That’s another plus for you as viewers often go there to see trending videos too.

TikTok makes use of hashtags just like Instagram. Immediately you start typing a hashtag, you’ll see suggestions and how often creators use it. If your video is a match for a particular trend or song, make sure to include the right hashtags. This increases the chances of your video being featured on the page of that song or trend.

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  • Participate In Viral Challenges

Besides using viral songs and hashtags, you should also take part in TikTok’s viral challenges. These are typically videos that are created by tons of people in a very short timespan.

As soon as you recognize such trends, find your own twist, and create a few videos matching the trend. Videos that are created out of these viral challenges tend to go viral much more often than regular clips.

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