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The year might not have gone as planned but not everything about it was bad, despite the global happenings. TikTok for one has had its best year yet in 2020, pulling off major milestones and setting new records. Let’s go ahead to see the videos that made the top 10 rankings for the year 2020.

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10. “Throws it back” by Hartyt’s Goose

The duo brought it home with an awesome performance to seal the tenths spot on the rankings. Hartyt gave us something special when he brought his goose into the fold to dance for the camera. Since dancing is one of the most common activities on the app, the dancer really brought out something unique and innovative. Hats off for his performance!

So far this video has earned itself 18.3 million views and 3.3m likes.

This must be the most famous goose on social media.

9. Julian Bass: “My favourite superheroes”

In one of the more inspiring and creative TikTok videos we’ve seen this year, Julian Bass creates perfectly timed transitions to change into a variety of his favorite heroes. They include Spider Man, Ben 10 and Jedi. The teenager really made our day with this one.

Currently, the video has over 15m views and 2.7m likes.

TikTok has a graphics designer on its hands

8. Tabitha Brown’s “Carrot Bacon”

Ever had cravings for carrot bacon? Probably not, but you will have cravings after watching as Tabitha cooks up a healthy bacon alternative, gaining herself 19.9m views 3.6m likes at the moment.

7. Eliza Peterson’s “The Truth about Dinosaurs”

In her comedy skit, Eliza tells us what really happened to the dinosaurs. She reveals that it was a miscommunication between God and his angels, resulting in the species’ sad extinction. 19.4m views later and we still find the video as hilarious as it first was when we watched it.

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6. Awa_de_horchata_uwu’s… llama dance

This may be the hardest to explain on this list, we’ve got an llama (or maybe an alpaca) dancing to the popular Mi Pan Su Sus sound.

Not minding how insane the video was, it racked up over 146m views and 17m likes, so it clearly struck a chord with a considerable number of people this year.

5. Will Smith’s “Wipe It Down” Challenge

The actor might best be known for his work in some of the biggest films and TV shows of this century, but he’s no stranger to TikTok as well.

The movie star picked up a whooping 260m views doing his “wipe it down” challenge, transitioning between his regular self and his Men in Black character, Agent J.

4. Jalaiah Harmon’s “Regenade”

If you are conversant with dance moves on TikTok then you probably know that the Renegade is one of the most popular dances on the app in 2020, and the creator of it all, Jalaiah Harmon, got to show off her famous dane steps at the NBA All-Star game.

With 32m views, and a whole generation of youngsters doing her dance across all of TikTok, Jalaiah’s Renegade is probably one of the most impressive things to grace social media this year.

3. Caitlin Reilly’s “the real WFH nightmare”

With much of the world having to work from home throughout 2020, we’ve all become very familiar with Zoom. However, Caithlin’s impression of everyone’s least favorite colleage during a Zoom meeting was perfectly relatable.

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The video holds on to 3rd spot with 5.5m views and a global share rate.

2. Doggface 208’s “The perfect Vibe”

The TikToker might not be a huge name on TikTok, but you’ve definitely seen this video by now. Its a video of him skating down the street, listening to Fleetwood Mac and drinking his cranberry juice.

Doggface not only passes the vibe check but sets new standards for it, earning himself a new truck from the cranberry juice producer, Ocean Spray, as a thanks for his 72m views video.

1. Bella Poarch’s “M to the B”

Bella’s M to the B is TikTok’s perfection. The concept of this video is so simple yet absurd, but Poarch’s head bobs coinciding perfectly with the M to the B beat gave her TikTok’s most viewed video of all time this year.

Over 500m views later, Poarch has become a star on TikTok and only seems to be moving on to bigger and better things, proving that you can really create something magical out of almost nothing.


To the 🐝 🐝 🐝 #fyp

♬ M to the B – Millie B

This rounds up TikTok’s top ten viral videos of 2020. How many have you seen before today?

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