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Mike Mandell, best known as Law By Mike is a Tik Tok creator with over 4 million unique followers across his various platforms. Most popular on Tik Tok, Mandell has been dubbed as the “Tik Tok Lawyer” after having hundreds of viral videos that amassed close to 50 million likes.  His videos shed light on legal advice and tips that could help you in the real world. The Lawyer and Tik Tok star combo has collaborated with a number of fellow influencers including Devin Caherly, Sebastian Paredes and more. 

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Cox: What Made You Want To Become an Influencer?

Mandell: It wasn’t my first initial goal.. Once I saw the potential to help people, I knew it was my calling.  I have the ability to educate, entertain, and influence people in a good way.  To teach them the law, their legal rights, how to be better negotiators/persuaders, and how to make smarter decisions in life–and I love it.  I also went to the #8 law school in the nation, Duke Law, and I want to teach people how to become lawyers and how to excel in school.  I constantly get asked if being a lawyer is difficult and I almost always respond with my favorite president’s quote: “Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty…”  Theodore Roosevelt.  


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Cox: When / Why Did You Start This?

Mandell: I Started on November 17, 2020.  Initially, I wanted to attract more clients.  Funny enough, my theory was that if my friends and their friends saw my videos they would remember to contact me if they were injured. As I continued posting videos and received enormous positive feedback, I realized that there was a higher goal— helping people by educating them about the law and their rights.  Something many of us lawyers take for granted and think is common knowledge, but it isn’t.

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Cox: What’s Your Favorite Part About Being Social Media Famous?

Mandell:  Helping people! The amount of positive feedback I receive is amazing.  I am also able to help people with their legal problems or potential lawsuits in every state because I have a trusted network of attorneys in every state that work on personal injury, criminal defense, traffic tickets, landlord/tenant law, medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, sexual abuse, construction lawsuits, famly medical leave, civil rights, police misconduct, insurance disputes, social security, whistleblower cases, nursing home/elder abuse, family law, employment law (discrimination, wrongful termination, wage/hours issues), discrimination, sexual harassment, immigration, and business torts, and contract law.

Cox: What Are Your Plans For The Future?

Mandell: I have a few things I want to get done this 2021. The first thing is becoming the biggest professional on TikTok and Instagram. I also want to start a trend that helps other creators grow by educating their viewers. Finally, I want to create an app that helps automate lawyers, which in the long run teach the masses about the law.

Cox: What Is Your Least Favorite Part About Being An Influencer?

Mandell: Some people do not understand that I’m not just a TikTok lawyer or an unaccomplished lawyer.  I have been a lawyer for 8+ years. I began his career as an attorney for Reed Smith (a top 100 law firm with 1500 attorneys worldwide)  where I defended pharmaceutical companies and airplane manufacturers for defective products. In 2014 my team was recognized for the “Top Defense Results” in California by the Daily Journal.  Without boasting, I really am a great lawyer and always reachable for my clients. 

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