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Emma Chamberlain just paid more than $3.9 million for a stylish new home in the hip West Hollywood area. Some would wonder how an 18-year-old would afford a luxurious home on the lucrative Los Angeles market, but it’s all pretty easy. According to various sources, Chamberlain is making millions from her YouTube channel, clothing, and coffee brand. The 18-year-old is well off, especially for her age.

For people with as large as a platform as her, it all makes sense. Chamberlain has lived on her own since her junior high school year, to build her YouTube empire. The 4-bedroom, 4.5-bath home comes with a massive pool, a gym, a fire pit and an outdoor living space. All and all, it’s the ideal spot for this young YouTube celebrity to sit back and chill with her close friends. Check out these photos of the house:

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  • emma-chamberlains-house-rs_1024x683-200323122905-1024-emma_chamberlain-1-7607069

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