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Karl Jacobs, also known by his online alias GamerBoyKarl is a popular American gaming YouTuber. The star was born on July 19th, 1998. Jacobs grew up with his sister Cory. He had earlier introduced her to the world in 2016 via Instagram.

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The gaming pro also has a brother who is known as Sean aka Jimmy Jacobs. He has said he’s on the asexual spectrum. The star almost graduated from college but dropped out 5 weeks to his graduation once e was offered the opportunity to work with MrBeast.

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Karl Jacobs has hit some pretty impressive subscriber milestones. In less than a month, Karl went from 100,000 subscribers to more than half a million. As of January 2021, the star has amassed a little under a million subscribers on his channel.

How Did Karl Jacobs Become So Popular?

Karl Jacobs was initially MrBeast’s cameraman before coming under the spotlight. He was only seen in the backgrounds of MrBeast’s videos sometimes. When Jake The Viking left MrBeast’s crew in 2020, MrBeast included Jacobs as an online member.

From that day the star was born. Jacobs has gone on to participate in several challenges. He’s often been mocked for always coming second place in those challenges when he participated.

The star is still a part of the crew haven only recently joined. He still features in MrBeast’s videos. Karl seems to be closest to crew members Chris and Chandler as can be seen in his public show of affection towards them.

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Karl garnered momentum from his MrBeast-acquired fame and was soon invited to join the Dream SMP. He’s gained a huge following on the server and is loved by fans. He has also featured on MCC’s tournaments, MCC11 and MCC13 respectively.

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