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In addition to an extra 4.3 million followers on Instagram, the young star has gained almost 10 million subscribers, revealing his wealth as well as his bagpipes and snaps.

After an excitement in 2019, Fousey, who has more than 10 million subscribers, has come back to the YouTube game, and began a new ‘YouTube Cribs Series,’ initiated by Logan Paul for the first time.

This is one of Fousey’s most popular episodes, with over 3 million views every month. The Logan episode was accompanied by a tour of Lance Stewart’s mansion, where over 1 million views have seen.

The tour starts with Tanner showcasing a Porsche GT3 RS, Tesla X plus Tanner’s “baby” – an almost completely custom Nissan GT-R. The tour continues with his car-collection.

The GT-R is known as the “Guac Zilla,” has its own dedicated Instagram account with 650 K followers, and Fox boasts it is the “world’s most famous GT-R.”

In addition to cars, Fox showed a five-bedroom, five-bathroom mansion, which is some of his priests’ items inside.

A $3,000 jumper, “nobody sits in” his turtle, shoes and the Jacuzzi style bathroom are part of his indulgences.

One of the most lavish things was its all-in-one setup, which the company obtained for free, but later left business before he even had an opportunity to market the product.

Tanner selected Fousey in all 3 of his automobiles on his own channel, including 1000BHP GT-R and the personal favorite of Fousey, The Tesla.

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