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Ahlyssa Marie is an Arizona born US-based TikToker. She is best known for her song and dance videos which she posts on her itsahlyssa account. The 19-year-old has three sisters and a brother. Her last name is Velasquez while Marie is her middle name.

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The star has earned a lot of respect, fame, admiration, and recognition for her outstanding work and talent. She utilizes her beautiful voice in combination with her charming personality to win the hearts of her fans. She is a dancer and an actor on the video-sharing platform.

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The star shares a very close bond with her mother. She has however not revealed her mother’s name for personal reasons. Ahlyssa is also close to her father whose name is also not known. The star has also not revealed any information regarding her childhood. It is however known that she has graduated from high school.

Currently, there is no information regarding who she is dating or who she’s dated before. Ahlyssa Marie has managed to keep a heavy lid over her relationship status all this while.

How Did Ahlyssa Start Out?

Since she was a child Ahlyssa has always been passionate about singing, dancing, and acting. As the star grew up, she took more interest in her hobbies. The star has been able to command respect on the social media platforms she’s established her presence on.

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Ahlyssa first became active on social media in the early quarter of 2019. At that time, she began posting dancing videos from her high school campus. Ahlyssa was also a member of her local theatre club where she performed in several plays and musicals throughout high school.

The star earned the verification crown on TikTok in less than six months of her onboarding. The star posts weekly vlogs of herself and her friend’s YouTube channel. She calls her fans The Lucky Army.

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How Much Is Ahlyssa Marie Worth?

Ahlyssa has accumulated over 4.9 million fans on her TikTok account. That’s not all, the star also has 451.8k followers on her Instagram account. Ahlyssa Marie has managed to accumulate almost 70,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. As of January 2021, the star is worth over $300,000.

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