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TikTok is a short-video style app that launched in 2017. The platform was intended to be a lip-synch video tool, but with the easy-to-use video editing software that comes with the tool, TikTok has developed quickly and is being used by dancers, comedians, fitness gurus, bloggers, and more. 

Here are 5 Tik Tok trends that went viral in 2020:


You have probably heard of a girl from VSCO, someone distinguished by sandals from Birkenstock and too many scrunchies on her water bottle. Memes like this will take off and go viral just as quickly as they will disappear in the year 2020. If you see something you think is funny and politically appropriate, then it’s worth making a video because you might just be the next viral thing! 

Branded Stickers

TikTok provides branded stickers similar to Snapchat’s. Brands will pay with their details to get a sticker or filter thereon. For instance, the NFL created a Superbowl sticker which helped to promote the event. Stickers are a perfect way to make people aware of your brand without producing a viral-worthy contest. 

Episodic Content 

In 2020, episodic content in which creators turn their videos into a series covering the same topic will boom. Since TikTok videos can only be 60 seconds, there is not much time for creators to interact with their audience or make a more in-depth video. That makes TikTok the perfect platform for shorter videos that fit in the same series altogether. Knowing how to tell a story in under 60 seconds and leaving the audience with a cliffhanger makes for a perfect maker of TikTok. 

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Hashtag Challenges 

Brands, in particular, have had great success creating hashtag challenges to go viral, and that will only continue in 2020. Take Jimmy Fallon for example on The Tonight Show. The #TumbleWeedChallenge is where people roll like a tumbleweed on the ground as background music from old westerns plays. The challenge quickly went viral, and if GenZ hadn’t known Jimmy Fallon before, he is now. 

Behind the Scenes 

People are fond of recognizing the faces behind major brands! Giving viewers an insight into what a normal day looks like at the workplace or even a day in the brand’s social media coordinator’s life is set to be huge in 2020. 

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