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Thomas Petrou is an American internet celebrity and entrepreneur born on 2nd September 1992. He is known for his TikTok and youtube channels. He is the founder of ‘The Hype House’. It is a group of online content creators who live in a Spanish style mansion. He briefly lived in the team 10 house before being fired for hidden reasons.

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Thomas Petrou’s Career

Thomas started schooling at New York University in an engineering course before dropping out to pursue his modeling and acting dreams.

The star joined YouTube in 2015. He joined team 10 in May 2019 of which he started gaining recognition and experienced a steep upward curve in his fan base.

He later announced he had been fired three months later ‘for no reason’. Seven months later, he co-founded The Hype House. A group of creators who live in Los Angeles. In March 2020, Daisy Keech left the house after feeling she was being left out of vital decision making on matters concerning the house. She later sued the founders of the house.

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In May 2020, another online content creator belonging to sway house Bryce Hall accused Thomas of handling both his personal and house finances poorly. On his TikTok page, he uses the handle petroutv. Videos posted are basically how life goes on in the hype house. it is more of a reality show. Showing short videos of their day to day lives. He has 8.1 million followers and about 432.1 million likes. His account is verified.

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On his youtube channel, his handle is just basically his name ‘Thomas Petrou’. Contents of his videos are also pretty much lifestyle. He has 1.91 million subscribers. His account is also verified. His Twitter account however is fairly dormant. He only has two likes with 69 followers. He joined in March 2020.

Thomas’ net worth

His earning from YouTube amount to about 500,000 us dollars in 2021. There is no clear information of how much he gets from his TikTok account but it is believed his income stream is mainly youtube and Instagram

His total net worth is about 1 million us dollars

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