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Establishing your own business is a thrilling activity. Imagine becoming your own boss. You will have the utmost freedom that most of us really want. But there’s more that could be done more than just earning money. You should explore giving back to the communities of your choice. This is exactly what Tre and Ethan are doing. They’re using their business to give back. 

Who are they? 

Tre and Ethan are teenagers from Kentucky. They are getting their head-start in the entrepreneurial world with the small concession stand they built. During their first few weeks, they have already made $200. This came from selling candies, chips, and Gatorade.

According to the them, they are planning to build their own convenience store in the future. Everybody in the block is also loving their business. Some people buy their items while some just visit to donate money.

What exactly are they doing?

The cousins are doing this not just for money. They have bigger purpose for establishing their business. Ethan and Tre are digging deeper from their past experiences to make something impactful to their community. In an interview with the KCRA, Tre told them:

“I hate seeing people with holes in their shoes or they don’t got a backpack because they couldn’t afford it. I hate seeing people like that. It’s terrible. I remember getting made fun of in elementary for it and I wouldn’t want anybody else to have to do that,.

Ethan added that they haven’t necessarily lived the best days of their lives. They wanted to help because they do not want other people to experience the same things as them.

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Tre and Ethan will use their earnings to buy backpacks for their community of choice.

Future Plans and Learnings

The duo recognizes the learnings that ownership brings to the table. It teaches them to work hard for the business they set up. Tre also said:

“Trust me, there’s been some days where I didn’t want to work and he didn’t want to work, but since there’s two people, you just push each other to do it”

In the future, Tre and Ethan aim to expand their convenience stand. They also want to purchase 100 backpacks until next summer. If you wish to donate or check the items in their stand, you may visit them on 2000 Block of Kendall Lane near Shively in Louisville, Kentucky.

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