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Commonly known as Airrack, Eric Decker is a 23-year-old Americal YouTuber. He has gained respect and recognition by his community for various reasons which are either good or bad. Eric posts comedic content as well as certain challenges, stunts, and funny vlogs featuring famous YouTubers. The star likes to imitate fellow YouTubers Logan Pual and David Dobrik.

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Eric’s Early Life

Eric got his very first camera when he was only 9 years old. He fell in love with the camera and became obsessed with creating simple videos and uploading them on the internet for others to see.

The star recalled his memories as a fifth-grader when he would spend the whole night figuring out how to download the footage from a floppy disc onto his computer to go through the editing process. He has said it was at that moment that he knew he wanted to become a creator.

The star grew up in Atlanta where he tested out various ideas for his YouTube channels from trampoline backflips to lighting things on fire. It was however not until 2015 that he developed the idea for his now-famous Airrack, the project that would transform him into a different kind of creator.

When Did Airrack Become His Priority?

Before 2020 Eric reveals that he was distracted by school and other business endeavors and so could not pay attention to his project. All that changed in January 2020 when he set the goal to grow his Airrack channel from zero to over a million subscribers in the same year. Eric made sure his passion for the project was not burned out as he continued to execute his plans all year round, spending late nights editing and traveling. He quickly adopted the “do what it takes mentality” which saw him reinvesting all his cash in videos and eventually moving across the country during the pandemic.

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One of Eric Decker’s greatest hits is the Couch Series which saw him buy off Mercedes Benz couches from Logan Paul for $90,000. Each episode of the series featured him surfing, skydiving with, and eventually trading the couch for a car. The series garnered well over 8.4 million views and led to an increase in thousands to his number of subscribers.

Eric has taken a lot of risks, including getting stuck on an island off the coast of Florida while shooting a video. It is no surprise that Eric Decker surpassed his target for last year. The star however does not seem to be hitting the brakes anytime soon. The channel has recorded over 1.05 million subscribers in just one year, and Eric looks to capitalize on his success for an even more adventurous 2021.

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