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Devin Caherly is a popular web star best known for his comedy, POV, and giving back videos. He has accumulated over 3 million followers across his Tik Tok and billions of views across the internet.

In July of 2020, Caherly flew fellow Tik Toker Tati Mitchell out to New Jersey in after a viral video reached millions of likes:

In duet videos on TikTok, Devin Caherly and Tatayanna Mitchell have amassed a huge audience by playing along with their followers’ fantasy of romance. “I wouldn’t call it a movie,” said Caherly. “But it’s a whole story we built across TikTok.”

— The New York Times (@nytimes) July 3, 2020

Today, the Tik Tok star has teamed up with a new dating app: Snack App. Snack describes themselves as “the dating app that is dedicated to video first, where you get to show the real you, and find new connections for who they truly are for FREE.”

The app’s founder is Kimberly Kaplan who previously led Product, Revenue, and Marketing initiatives at PlentyOfFish spoke more about the app on Instagram TV (IGTV):

Devin posted a video explaining he is hosting a bachelor campaign on the app and one lucky winner will get flown out to go on a date with him, “Download @GetSnackApp ASAP for a chance to win an all-expensed date with me.”


Download @getsnackapp ASAP for a chance to win an all-expensed date with me! 😁##WillYouAcceptThisSnack ##DateWithDevin

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If you are interested in learning more about the Bachelor campaign you can read the full contest rules here.

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