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James Charles Dickinson was born on the 23rd of May 1999 in Bethlehem, New York where he worked as a local makeup artist. He also launched his Youtube channel where he posted makeup tutorials. He became the first male ambassador for Covergirl in 2016 after a tweet featuring his makeup went viral.

Image Sourced Via: @James Charles/YouTube

James was born to parents Skip and Christine Dickinson. He also has a younger brother. He attended a local central high school and graduated in 2017 and sited he was also bullied in high school but just ignored it.

His Career

He first started as an amateur hairstylist which he did for a friend when she asked him to. Later on, he started practicing it locally around his area. He started his social media heist in 2015 with the launch of his youtube channel of which he posted makeup tutorials.

He came to fame when a tweet of him retaking his senior portrait with a ring light and having makeup on went viral in September 2016. The star became a spokesman for the cosmetic brand Covergirl the next month as a result of his online popularity. He launched his clothing line and a makeup collection, the sister collection in November 2018. His January visit to Morphe cosmetic’s second UK store cause gridlock in the city center.

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From April to May of 2020, he hosted, directed, and co-produced the first season of the Youtube Originals reality series Instant Influencer which premiered on his Youtube channel. He has appeared in several music videos and done makeup for many celebrities, likes of the Kardashians, Lil Nas x, Doja cat, Jojo Siwa, etc. He has also received notable awards in his career.

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His net worth

James Charles has a bigger YouTube followership than the biggest beauty bloggers, Kylie Jenner included. Even, his Instagram numbers (25.6M followers) beat the likes of Jake Paul, Nikkie Tutorials, Jeffree Star, and Bretman Rock. He is also boasting a followership of over 33.2 million fans on TikTok, and 7.5 million on Twitter.

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Going into 2021, James Charles has a wide range of income streams which sure places him on the right spot for greater things. As of 2021, James is worth 22 million us dollars

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