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Formerly branded as NelkFilmz, the Nelk Boys is a Canadian-American YouTube channel and entertainment company that is popular for their prank videos, vlogs, and their brand “Full send”. 

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The group’s videos and pranks are centered on North American culture. The group’s videos are made up of vlogs of their party life and footage of their actual pranks.

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The group is known for its “Full Send” brand which refers to partying and living life without thinking about the consequences. The phrase is constantly utilized throughout the group’s videos and often features on their merchandise. 

Who Are The Members Of This Group?

The Nelk Boys is officially made up of Jesse Sebastiani, Kyle Forgeard, Stephen Deleonardis, and Salim Sirur. Other members who make appearances on the NELK’s channel are Cousin Jay, Pat Sebastiani, and others. 

Members of the group alongside their filmers and other members live together in a house in LA called the Fullsend House.

What are the Nelk Boys up to in 2021?

Earlier last year, Kyle Forgeard had announced that NELK is going to South America to travel around and release a new weekly episode which he promised would be epic. The star further revealed that the NELK boys and Full send will become a billion-dollar brand this year. 

He stated that the group had plans to build their own platform, introducing an alcohol brand, and also pushing their popular merchandise to loyal fans. 

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