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D’Angelo Wallace was born on 29th August 1998. The 22-year-old is an American YouTube commentator and Twitch streamer who is popular for his videos which feature controversial YouTubers and internet personalities. His commentary has led Insider to describe him as “a cancellation catalyst, pouring gasoline on outrage directed at internet stars”.

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His style of commentary has been likened to other YouTube commentators including Cody Ko, Danny Gonzalez, and Drew Gooden. His content however focuses mainly on trivial topics related to YouTube commentary channels with nerve-racking topics that draw much attention.

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Not much is known about the star’s personal life, his educational background, family, and childhood.

D’Angelo Wallace’s Career

The star’s main channel which features topics bordering on art and related subjects started in 2018 and immediately garnered over 100,000 subscribers in the first year. 

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Due to the success of his first channel, D’Angelo Wallace started his second channel in 2020 to focus on non-art-related stuff. This new channel has been warmly received and has outgrown the first channel in numbers. Wallace offers social commentary on influencers and YouTubers, as well as pop culture and general entertainment. One of his very popular videos featured a discussion over the YouTube channel Spill

How Much Is The Star Worth?

Since gaining traction on social media, D’Angelo Wallace has continued to grow tremendously. In 2020, he was one of the top voices holding beauty star Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson accountable for their respective behaviors in the past. 

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At the moment, it has been estimated that the star could earn more than $300k per year from his two channels. 

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