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Nick Kratka is a Tik Tok influencer with over 900,000 unique followers across his various platforms. Most popular on Tik Tok, Kratka is based out of Los Angeles and has amassed an impressive following over the past year.  The Tik Tok star has collaborated with a number of fellow influencers including Devin Caherly, Salah, Lawbymike and Nickolas Ray.

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Cox: What Made You Want To Become an Influencer?

Kratka: I really liked the lifestyle. Most influencers have nice cars, houses and seem so happy. I wanted to be surrounded by that as well.

Cox: When / Why Did You Start This?

Kratka:  I started posting on TikTok October of 2019. I originally started making content because I wanted to influence people in a positive light. I saw what the current creators at the time were doing and knew I could do it better. 

Cox: What’s Your Favorite Part About Being Social Media Famous?

Kratka: I really enjoy being able to interact with my fans and see how much they love me. It’s crazy to think people I haven’t even met could be so passionate about me. I also thoroughly enjoy making content. 

Cox: What Are Your Plans For The Future?

Kratka: I plan on moving into a more educational niche and expanding my brand. I’d like to stay in LA as long as it’s valuable to what I’m doing. As of right now, I’m making powerful connections and continuing to make content that I love. Lately, I’ve been really enjoying the connections I am making.

Cox: What Is Your Least Favorite Part About Being An Influencer?

Kratka: My least favorite part about it is the mental games that come with posting. Sometimes when you don’t get enough views you begin to ask yourself if you’re the problem, when in reality it may just be a bad video or not have hit the correct targeted audience. I am working on this mental game every day and trying to make it so the numbers don’t affect me as much. 

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