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Anna Shumate is a social media star who has gained recognition online due to her powerful dance and lip-syncs on TikTok. Anna is currently managed by a famous talent agency known as Top Talent House. The house also manages other TikTok stars such as Ethan Hughes, Katie Pego, Rachel Brockman, and many others.

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Anna was once a soccer player before she injured her right knee and had to quit the game. For now, there is telling whether she’ll return to playing soccer again or not.

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The star was born in Michigan, the U.S on November 6th, 2002. Anna Shumate is Caucasian as well. She has featured her parents on her social media accounts but information regarding their names and careers has remained undisclosed. Anna Shumate has also revealed that she has two brothers.



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As a kid, Anna was passionate about dancing, fashion, and modeling. This has not changed for the 18-year-old. She is still very much interested in her dreams. She was also passionate about soccer, hence the reason she played for her high school soccer team. Her high school is known as Grosse Ile High School Located in Michigan.

Her childhood was really great amidst a lot of care and love from her parents. They were continuously meeting everything she requires to pursue what she wants. In simple terms, she had undergone a childhood that has unquestionably played a pivotal role to achieve the progress she is receiving at the moment.

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How Much Is Anna Shumate Worth?

Since Anna has been able to accumulate more than 8.9 million fans on TikTok, she gets paid a certain amount of money for each post she makes. Anna makes an estimated $3,000 to $6,000 from each post she makes on TikTok.

Anna also has a massive following online Instagram with her 1.6 million fans. The star also received sponsorship and payment ranging from $2,000 – $4,000 for every post she makes on the platform.

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Putting all these into consideration, the star has a net worth of about $300,000 to $500,000.

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