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Tiktok is here and here to stay. The app is officially an obsession for its users and gains more ground daily. The platform houses a variety of niches including dance, fashion, music, and the rest. Beauty TikTokers are also a part of this niche that is housed by TikTok.

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Despite its recent rows with the U.S government, Tik Tok has no plans of disappearing in 2021. Here’s a list of some of the top beauty TikTokers you should keep an eye on in 2021.

10. Promise Tamang (@promisetamang) (684.7k followers)

Promise Tanang is a US-based makeup artist and social media star. She is popular for her trademark transformative makeup techniques. Promise had earlier transformed herself to look like different well-known social media personalities such as Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, and others. She is also an established figure on YouTube with almost 6 million subscribers.

9. Emily Munyak (@Emilymunyak) (719.5k followers)

Although she’s young, Emily is a pro when it comes to the short-form video world. Emily is an old-timer on this app. She began using it when it was formerly called The star has transitioned with her hairstyling tutorials to the new platform now called TikTok. She also uploads dance videos for her fans on the app.

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8. Bella Hardigree (@abbyrartistry) (1 million followers)

Young Bella is everything you need to know about makeup. Her short yet informative videos on beauty and makeup are all you need to power you through a makeup class.

7. learnwithlati (@learnwithlati) (1.1 million followers)


Roping hairstyling!

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If you’re looking for where to learn how to take your hairstyling skills to the next level, this star’s got you covered. Hairstylist Lati displays her vast knowledge of skills on different hairstyle techniques including braiding and curling.

6. Paulie (@Pauliesfx) (1.7 million followers)

Paulie is a self-taught makeup artist that has gained so much recognition and respect for his bold, creative, and professional special effects makeup videos. The star enjoys creatively transforming himself into different realistic characters as is evident in most of the 15-second videos on his timeline.

5. Addy Rae (@addyurdaddy) (2.4 million followers)


leave peace out🙄😎

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The American star may only be 20 but she has won the hearts of her over 2.4 million followers with her videos which mainly feature fashion ideas, makeup looks, and comedy.

4. Young Nails Inc (@youngnailsinc) (2.5 million followers)

If you are a nail art lover, you’re sure to fall in love with this channel. You’ll be amazed by how this artist can paint, decorate and enhance nails will intricate designs to bring out perfect outcomes.

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3. Victoria Lyn (@victorialyn) (4.1 million followers)

Victoria is very famous for her colorful, quick, and fun makeup Tutorials on TikTok. The star is also a famous YouTube personality and makeup artist. She posts tutorials, vlogs, and reviews on almost everything concerning makeup and skincare.

2. Glitterandlazers (@glitterandlazers) (7.5 million followers)

The creator of Glitterandlazers, Anna O’Brien is not your everyday blogger. This self-love and positivity advocate is a bright personality packed with a big heart and big ideas. She shares her life and creative fashion sense daily on YouTube and TikTok.

1. James Charles (@jamescharles) (34.1 million followers)

James Charles is one of the most recognized names in the online beauty world. James specializes in beauty vlogging and makeup artistry. The star is also the first male spokesperson for the famous cosmetic brand CoverGirl. James is well established on Facebook and other platforms as well.

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