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Meet Caydence Robinson: a teenage entrepreneur who set out to beautify his neighborhood during the pandemic. Since launching his first company you might say the entrepreneurship bug hit him back years ago. According to ABC13, “[Caydence’s once] pro-athlete aspirations to making money with his side hustles, Caydence Robinson is not your average teenager.”

His parents tried to educate him about financial responsibilities because he chose to have a bearded dragon as a pet. He got clever about it instead of buying food for his dragon every week and began to breed his own reptile food with Dubia roaches. He also connected with other reptile owners after having a surplus of food, and started selling bug colonies to make extra money on the side.

Recently he began another side hustle tied to his neighborhoods mailboxes. He has been offering his mailbox services to his neighbors, as the COVID-19 pandemic has trapped him at home. He has managed to beautify 22 mailboxes in his neighborhood so far and made a good dime doing so!

Keep up the good work Caydence! Inspired by his work? Check out what these other teen millionaires are doing!

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