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Have some free time on your hands? Interested in making some easy money while having fun and getting up-skilled? Then try out some of these business ideas!

Social Media Consultant 

Do you know how to navigate through the tricky waters of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube? Then use those skills! Small brands are also looking for individuals to help them design an online strategy. Plus, you will get to learn more about business as well! 

Amazon Drop Shipper

Dropshipping online is an easy, risk-free way to set up an e-commerce store. Set up an Amazon seller’s account, find reliable suppliers for profitable products and start taking orders! There’s also no need to store inventory through this model, so you basically bear no risk. 


Know how to write code, design graphics or write content? Then why not try freelancing online! Through platforms like UpWork, Fiverr, Freelancer.com, you can put any special skills you might have to use, and start earning with flexible hours. 

Babysitting or House Sitting or Dog sitting

If you enjoy being given responsibility, then this would be a great offline choice for you! You can get paid to watch over someone’s pride and joy while they are away. Tasks are usually simple, but because of the amount of trust and responsibility involved, rates paid can be quite high.

Uber or Lyft 

This might be a difficult one for teenagers in certain areas, however if your region allows for it, and if you have the valid documentation and a clean record, why not spend the free time helping out busy passengers in your town? You can work flexible hours, and can get the opportunity to network with some valuable people. 

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Part time assistant

Individuals and businesses everywhere are looking for virtual or in-person assistants to help them out with simple administrative tasks. Choose an industry or a business and dive in! You can learn alot through these gigs. 

Dog Walking 

Fond of dogs? Enjoy walking around in your city? Like the idea of getting paid for it? Then try dog walking! You will be able to spend some extra time with the happiest animals on the planet when their owners might be busy.

Language Coach 

Fluent in at least one language? Or bonus, are you bilingual or even tri-lingual? Then why not help out someone in need and earn some money at the same time? You can take online classes from anywhere in the world, or partner up with local clients in your neighborhood.

Lawn/household help for the Elderly 

Often elderly men or women in our communities are living alone and are sadly constantly neglected. They are at a higher risk of an accident, depression etc. Why not help out give someone some company and them out around their house, their lawns or maybe with their groceries? 

Local Part-time work

Businesses everywhere are looking for part-time help – retail fashion stores, restaurants, local businesses – chances are they might have a part-time shift open. This is a great opportunity to get some experience in core business functions such as sales, marketing, customer service etc – which will only benefit you in the future. 

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