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Born on 15th December 1989, Jeff Wittek is an American actor and YouTube personality. He is better known as a celebrity stylist and barber. He is also recognized for working with Big Sean and DJ Pauly D.

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He is a social media star famous for being part of The Vlog Squad. He posts content on YouTube alongside other squad members such as David Dobrik, Josh Peck, and Toddy Smith. Jeff is a professional barber, and he has been posting content on the internet for the past decade.

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Jeff posts popular transformation videos, and he also does celebrity interviews on his page. Humor is a big part of Jeff’s acts, and he is the go-to YouTuber if you need a good laugh. This piece will deal with Jeff’s career, his rough past, and his famous breakup.

His Career

Jeff appeared in a short film together with his girlfriend Cierra Ramirez and his friends Rudy Mancuso and Anwar Jibawi in 2015. The next year, he acquired much fame when he appeared in Anwar Jibawi’s comedy video, Crazy Drug Lord. In 2017, he played the starring role as Ace in the comedy and action short film Petting Scorpions.

jeff-and-cierra-ramirez-1677698 Jeff and his girlfriend

Also, he runs a YouTube channel, American Jeff where he often uploads videos that are hair related. His YouTube channel has more than 2.73 million subscribers. He also worked on a Tumblr blog named BehindThecuts. Even though Jeff Wittek is a popular personality on youtube and social media Jeff’s wiki is yet to publish.

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Net Worth

It’s very easy to guess that Jeff has managed to accumulate a good sum of money. Not just as a hairstylist, but also as a YouTuber and an Actor. Mr. Wittek’s net worth is estimated to be around two million dollars.
According to the report, from his YouTube channel, he earns an estimated $62.3K – $997.6K in a year calculating the daily views and growth of subscribers.

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