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For music lovers, especially those in Nashville, there’s a new rising star who is revolutionizing the face of music in the region and country. If you know your music, then you know that Brooke Alexx is the name to look out for on the block, especially if you’re interested in infectious melodic hooks.

Who Is Brooke Alex?

Brooke Alexx is a young musician who recently made her debut on the music stage. She has been described as a musician who is “as bold and vibrant as her aesthetic”. Born on April 28th, 1995 the 25-year-old Asian-American is working her way to becoming one of the most renowned songwriters and musicians.

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Brooke’s Career

Brooke Alexx has always had a passion for music since she was a kid. Her love for great lyrics has led her to release numerous successful albums and grow a dedicated fanbase across all platforms.

With infectious melodies and lyrics which are fine-tuned by her vast knowledge of words, the star is looking to make a name for herself on the music stage that holds even the greatest of musicians. 

How Is Alexx taking over Nashville With Her music?

The star recently released her acoustic performance of “Stole My Heart” which featured her on top of a Nashville rooftop. This is only the third single off her second EP. She has partnered on this one with Chelsea Balan and Matt Harris just 2 years after ending things with her first true love. The song expresses how Alexx has not felt the same about anyone else after the breakup.

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The star decided to rid her song of the polished pop production, going instead for the raw emotion and intentional lyrics at the song’s core. The heartwarming song tells all about Alexx’s struggles and how she’s felt since then, detailing just how one feels when love is stripped down to the bare minimum. 

It is remarkable how Alexx achieved the feature, especially at a time when the pandemic has really affected the music industry. Brooke and her team were able to shoot the video on the top of a parking garage in downtown Nashville while all the time practicing social distancing by adding separate clips from Alex Stradal and Danny Polo who formed the duo on the cello.

Check out some of Brooke’s top tracks:

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